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E-Waste: Fastest Growing Waste Stream in the World

Addressing the volume of electronic waste Is Crucial According to a report published by the World Economic Forum on January, 24, E-waste which includes  cell phones, LED TV’s, laptops, E-readers, PC’s, and all other electrical equipment, become the fastest-growing waste stream in the world. Do you know that; Only 20 percent of the nearly 50 million tons […]

Data Breaches Are on the Rise. Protect your Company.

Will You or your company survive a data breach? Identity theft is one of the most prevalent consumer crimes in the United States.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, over nine million individuals, over the age of 16, have their identities stolen every year. Companies are being sued for millions of dollars as a result […]

What You Know About E-waste May Not Be True

Electronic Recycling

E-Waste is not just about our old electronic equipment Many of us think we know what electronic waste is because we wonder what to do with devices we no longer want or need. It’s the old cell phone and its charger stuffed in the drawer or the Laptop and PC downstairs in the storage room. […]

Sorry, We lost your Data

How do you tell your customers that you’ve made a mistake and lost their data to criminals? Every day more and more companies find themselves in this predicament and rest assure that no customer will let you off the hook.  How can they not?  You can hardly expect them to say “thank you for telling […]

What Happens with Black Friday’s E-Waste

Retailers made Black Friday irresistible with great electronic deals According to NRF (National Retail Federation), more than 154 million consumers will shop over Thanksgiving weekend and 32 percent (49 million) will shop at electronic stores.   We are all excited and what a great privilege to pay so little for what we want.     Black Friday Deals […]

It’s the Law: No E-Waste in the Trash

E-Waste Recycle

Did You Know that 1. E-Waste is Banned in Landfills Electronics waste recycling is a growing sector in Oregon. DEQ initiated the E-cycles program in 2009 and the landfill ban on covered electronic devices in 2010.” It is illegal in Oregon to dispose of computers, monitors, and TVs in the garbage or at disposal sites such as […]

Electronic Recycling Made Easy

Electronic Recycling

Electronic Waste can become a problem: What not to do Every week more data breach lawsuits are in the news which causes Companies to stock their E-waste in a “safe” storage room.  More Companies try to save time and money by doing the same without realizing and or ignoring the fact that these actions can […]

WARNING: Your Storage Room Can be a Health Hazard

it is hard to imagine that electronic Devices can become a health risk Using Electronic Equipment like Cell phones, E-readers, Computers, Laptops, and Printers daily, is as natural as breathing to most people at home and in the workplace. It makes our lives so much easier and therefore almost unreal to imagine that it can […]

Watch Out: The Wrong Recycling Process Can Cause a Data Breach

Data Destruction

Security breaches have become a weekly occurrence in the news cycle is your Data Destruction solution providing all the protection you need? Despite data breach lawsuits frequently in the news, there are still businesses that dispose of computers and other electronic equipment with confidential data. Some companies discard devices and systems after presuming they took […]

Identity Theft Can Cost You Thousands

Prevent Identity Theft – Data Destruction is Essential. Recently bought a new Laptop, PC, Printer, or any other electronic equipment that stores data? What happened to the old one?  Did you put it in the Trashcan? Do you know that; Your data is not entirely gone if you  delete it Your internet history does not […]