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Prevent Identity Theft - Data Destruction is Essential.

Recently bought a new Laptop, PC, Printer, or any other electronic equipment that stores data?

What happened to the old one?  Did you put it in the Trashcan?

Do you know that; 

  • Your data is not entirely gone if you  delete it
  • Your internet history does not disappear with your notebook
  • People can steal your identity and used it against you.
  • Your credit record can get involved
  • Your banking account can be in danger
  • you may have to spend thousands of dollars to clear your name
  • If confidential data gets into the wrong hands, it can lead to lost customers and loss of revenue. 
  • you may get sued by customers
Electronic Recycling
Make sure not to put your old electronics in the Trashcan

Interesting Facts About the Hard Drive


Data can not easily be erased from your hard drive which is good and bad news

  • Good News: You can still retrieve your data/photos if you accidentally wiped them
  • Bad news: Not so easy to erase sensitive information. Wiping the software only covers up the data with more data that can be recovered.

The Hard drive that is built into our Computers was invented in the 20th century.

The Hard disk drive (HDD) was invented as secondary storage for computers by IBM

Many people, who own computers, have never seen a hard drive.

Interesting Facts About the Lifecycle of a Hard Drive:

  • The 1st Hard disk drive (HDD) was the size of  two medium fridges and weighed one ton.
  • It had a storage capacity of 3.75 megabytes (the store equivalent of one digital photo in today’s terms.
  • In 2016, the world’s smallest hard drive was invented by Dutch scientists
  • The outer parts are made of aluminum . Inside there are glass, cobalt, nickel, magnesium, platinum, copper, gold and silver

The latest technology in Laptops and PC’s are the more compact SSD (Solid State Drive). Also used in mobile devices.

  • SSD drives offer better performance but holds a lesser amount of data than the HDD

Businesses are sensibly moving increasingly toward cloud storage, introduced by Amazon, as an additional secure and accessible way of keeping data.

 SBC Recycle is proud to offer 100% Guaranteed Physical Data Destruction for your Company.

 We are a Complete Secure E-waste Solution and offer Secure Data Destruction.

Safeguarding confidential information is crucial for all companies in our current perilous and insecure digital landscape.

We currently serve vast Fortune 500 to small businesses. 

We are HIPPA compliant which is required by government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions. 

We offer onsite and offsite data destruction. We also offer data wiping with industry standard commercial wiping software.