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1 - Items To Recycle

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We do charge for Printers, Monitors, Ink and Toner Cartridges. However, we offer credits for valuable items to offset your recycling costs. This means that 90% of our customers do not have to pay for recycling. Instead, they will receive a check in the mail for valuable items they recycle

2 - Customer Info

How are the items packed?
Maximum upload size: 419.43MB

3 - Services and Date

Your data will be destroyed within 48-Hours
#1 - Give Laptops, Drives, Phones/Tablets to the driver
#2 - The driver will fast-track your devices
#3 - Receive your certificate of destruction
#4 - See exceptions
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Ongoing Scheduled Pickups

Do you have a large cleanup project or generate lots of electronic waste on a regular basis? We have a easy solution, with our easy online system you can request recycling bins delivered to your business. No quantity limit.
SBC Recycling Pickup Trucks for e-Waste Recycling

7.0 - Business Electronic Recycling FAQ

Yes! You may drop off your e-Waste at our facility during business hours. 
Here is the address where you can drop off your items:
SBC Recycle (Next to Les Schwab Tires off TV Highway)
19040 SW Shaw St
Beaverton, OR 97078

Nope! You can simply stop by our facility anytime during regular business hour. We have a team ready to help unload your e-waste. We also have a forklift on site for heavy items.

Yes, SBC Recycle buys a variety of computers, components, peripherals and other related material, we pay fair market value based on the condition of your equipment. 

We purchase the following items:

  • Electronic components
  • Enterprise network equipment – routers, firewalls, managed switches and other appliances
  • Laptops
  • Test equipment
  • LCD and LED displays
  • Servers – including blades, workstations, Dell, IBM, HP, SuperMicro
  • Telecom – DCO, VOIP, PBX units and handsets
  • Projectors and other AV equipment
  • Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Lab & medical equipment
  • Storage – SANs, NAS – EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP

Contact us for IT asset evaluation or to schedule a pickup

The short answer is NO

The long answer is Maybe

We generally don’t charge for pickups if you have lots of ewaste that needs to be recycled. This is because the items that get recycled has some value. In fact you may even get a check in the mail. Many of our customers have seen checks ranging anywhere from $100 to $5000 in some cases even more. It all depends on the quantity type and age of the ewaste.

Due to recent changes in the recycling industry, new rules and regulations coupled with increasing labor cost the cost of recycling went up.

Our average cost for recycling is just under a hundred dollars per pickup, this covers the cost for the drivers salary, insurance, workers comp and cost for sorting and final disposition.

Contact us for IT asset evaluation or to schedule a pickup

Yes! There will always be an employee eagerly awaiting your drop-off who will assist you in unloading your item(s) and take payment if need be. On the off chance you don’t see an employee, please ring the bell for service and someone will be with you shortly.

Yes! We have forklifts onsite to unload heavy or palletized items. 

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