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SmartDevice Pro Software

● R2
● NIST-800-88
(A) Erasure Start & Erasure End Times (time-stamps)
(B) Erasure Type
(C) Confirmation of Completion
(D) Enhanced Reporting (IMEI, Device Model, Capacity, etc.)
(E) Documented Certification
(F) Local & Cloud Information Storage for easy management
(G) Authenticity Documentation
(H) DataWipe Traceability & Transparency for Auditing Trails
(I) User-Friendly and Customizable Interface
(J) Automated DataWipe upon requested stages
(K) Key Performance Indicators & Measurable for success and fail rates, volumes, etc.
(L) SmartDevice Certification Numbers
SmartDevice Certification Numbers are unique identification sequences on every device that
receives a DataWipe through the software. The SmartDevice Certification Number helps keep
track of DataWipe status & additional information pertaining device erasure.
The Certification No. is a 10-character sequence containing both numbers and letters and is
affixed to every device (iOS & Android) put through the erasure feature on SmartDevice
software. The local and cloud management database tracks information on Certification
Numbers such as when the device was wiped, wipe duration and type, etc.

iOS Erasure

Method Reporting(.pdf) Reporting(.pdf) Duration(Estimate)
Cryptographic - OS Reinstallation Report: Data Erasure Report(Cloud DB) Erase Type: iOS Secure Restore Complete OS Removal and Reinstallation of OS. iOS Version 7.1.2 and above are supported for the Secure Restore process. ≈6-10 minutes NOTE: Corresponding Firmware file is required to complete the reinstallation of the new/current OS onto the device, all files are accessible within the desktop solution for download.(File sizes vary for each OS version and download times are based on network speed)
Cryptographic Report: Data Erasure Report(Cloud DB) Erase Type: iOS Secure Erase A new AES-256 encrypted file system is added and the old encryption keys are permanently removed. ≈2 minutes

Apple Cryptographic Erase

This encrypted file system replacement makes the recovery of old data totally
impossible as there is new AES-256 encrypted file system on top of the old one and
the old encryption keys are permanently removed. Overwriting the data is therefore
not necessary.
Apple’s security architecture is based on Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm
(AES), a data-scrambling system published in 1998 and adopted as a U.S.
government standard in 2001. AES is widely regarded as unbreakable.

The algorithm is so strong that no computer imaginable for the foreseeable future-
even a quantum computer-would be able to crack a truly random 256-bit AES key.

The National Security Agency has approved AES-256 for storing top-secret data:

Android Data Erasure

Method Reporting(.pdf) Description Duration(Estimate)
Enhanced Rewrite & Data Destruction(Default) Report: Data Erasure Report(Cloud DB) Erase Type: DoD3(5220.22-M) NISP Operation Manual(DoD 5220.22-M) Data Sanitization: https://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/National_Indus trial_Security_Progra m NIST-800-88, NAID & R2 standard-certified. ≈30 seconds, extensive data and storage size on the device could cause an increase in duration.
Level 2 Rewrite Report: Data Erasure Report(Cloud DB) Erase Type: Level 2(Medium) Data Erasure This option will overwrite your device with random junk data to ensure all the deleted files could not be recovered, then overwrite that data with zeros one more time, a 2 level data wipe process. <10 seconds.
Level 1 Overwrite Report: Data Erasure Report(Cloud DB) Erase Type: Level 1(Low) Data Erasure This option will overwrite all of your data with 0’s for one time. <5 seconds
Factory Reset Only Report: Data Erasure Report(Cloud DB) Erase Type: Factory Reset(Low Level) Same process that is triggered within the device settings to perform a ‘Factory Reset’. <5 seconds

Android Data Sanitization

High Level (3 Times) – DoD 5220.22-M – Overwrite the data with a value, then with the inverse
of that value, then with a random value, verifying the write after each step. The first two wipes
theoretically pull the magnetic field fully one direction, then fully the other, eliminating any
residue of the original value. Data overwritten in 1st pass with 0’s, 2nd pass with 1’s and last
pass with random segments

Medium Level (2 Times) – Writes ones and verifies the write

Low Level (1 Time) – Writes zeros and verifies the write

Factory Reset Only – This option isn’t a forensic approved form of certification and may allow
data to be left in certain areas of the device as a result.

On Android devices, the device will be factory reset & reformatted, (also NIST-800-88, NAID &
R2 standard-certified). Reformatting affirms full data sanitization.