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Data Breaches Are on the Rise. Protect your Company.

Will You or your company survive a data breach? Identity theft is one of the most prevalent consumer crimes in the United States.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, over nine million individuals, over the age of 16, have their identities stolen every year. Companies are being sued for millions of dollars as a result […]

Sorry, We lost your Data

How do you tell your customers that you’ve made a mistake and lost their data to criminals? Every day more and more companies find themselves in this predicament and rest assure that no customer will let you off the hook.  How can they not?  You can hardly expect them to say “thank you for telling […]

Watch Out: The Wrong Recycling Process Can Cause a Data Breach

Data Destruction

Security breaches have become a weekly occurrence in the news cycle is your Data Destruction solution providing all the protection you need? Despite data breach lawsuits frequently in the news, there are still businesses that dispose of computers and other electronic equipment with confidential data. Some companies discard devices and systems after presuming they took […]