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Business to Business Recycling Services
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    Recycling industry, What is new?

    Due to recent inflation, the recycling industry has faced increased costs, leading some companies to downsize or close. SBC Recycle has also been affected by these economic conditions, and we need to inform our B2B customers that we will start charging for certain items that were previously recycled for free. However, we are pleased to announce that 90% of our customers will not be affected by these new charges, as the value of their recyclable materials will cover the recycling costs. Please see the detailed recycling cost information provided below for further details.

    Recycling Cost (You pay us or we pay you?)

    Short Answer: There is a cost for recycling but the items you recycle might have value. If they do have value you will typically not pay to recycle, in fact, you might even get a check (we pay you). If the items you recycle do not have value we will charge you for recycling.  Please see below for items we buy.

    There are two charges associated with recycling.  

    1. The first would be the pickup fee (which would range between $0 and $60)
      1. Most customers don’t pay the pickup fee because the recycled items have enough value to cover this cost. 
      2. If you drop off the items at our warehouse in Beaverton, then the pickup fee is obviously waived
    2. The second would be for items being recycled (Most e-waste items are free to drop off). Please see the items we charge for below. 

    Items We Charge For

    We also give credit for valuable items to offset the cost of recycling, 90% of our customers don’t pay for recycling, instead, they get a check in the mail because they give us valuable items. 

    1. Toner and Ink Cartridges
    2. Printers
    3. Fluorescent Tubes and Light Bulbs
    4. Alkaline Batteries
    5. TVs and Monitors
    6. Freon Bearing Appliances
    7. Office Furniture
    8. Items containing lots of plastic (due to the current market)
    9. Any hard-to-recycle items where there is a cost to us from our downstream vendor

    Items We Buy (prices change based on the market)

    To minimize the cost to you, we give credit or purchase the following equipment. 

    • Hard drives – $0.10 to $50+  (Price varies based on age and/or working condition)  
    • *Laptops Complete – $2 to $300+ (Price varies based on age and operational status)
    • *Desktops Complete  – $1 to $300+ (Price varies based on age and operational status)
    • Network Gear – $1 to $300+ (Price varies based on age, license, and operational status)
    • Servers Complete – $3 to $600+  (Price varies based on age and operational status)
    • Cell Phones – $1 to $400 + (Price varies based on age and operational status)


    *Items need to be newer and have some market value.
      For the best prices, the items should be complete with all parts and components.
      We still purchase older items but at a lower price

    Hard Drive Shredding Services

    Pricing for our hard drive shredding services ranges from $5 to $6 per drive. For more details or to take advantage of promotional offers and a 20% discount on orders exceeding 100 hard drives, please contact us.

    Included Services:

    • Secure, tamper-proof bins for hard drive storage
    • Certificates confirming disposal and destruction
    • Comprehensive equipment mass report
    • Expedited 48-hour service

    Optional Services:

    • Serialization of serial numbers at $0.50 per drive
    • Video recording of shredding process at $0.50 per drive
    • Live video meeting to witness shredding in real-time
    • Onsite service is available for a fee of $120


    • All hard drives need to be removed from older systems
    • Hard drives not removed might incur an additional fee (no need for laptops of newer computers)
    • Hard drives that are soldered in will be wiped and not shredded (Note 1 below)  

    Hard Drive Wiping 

    This is the best option. Here is how it works: We supply you with bootable USB thumb drives (no quantity limit per project). Start the PC or Laptop and boot from USB. Follow an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to sanitize SSD, HDD, or USB drives with 20+ international data sanitizing standards. The interface contains applications for Windows, Linux, Console, and WinPE & Linux-based Boot Disks.

    • This is the best option for newer PCs with the SSDs soldered into the motherboard.
    • You are in control of what leaves your facility
    • Print your own certificate of recycling
    • There is no limit on how many drives you wipe
    • The best option for retaining asset value (Get paid for your assets; see our buy list)
    • Free Recycling

    Optional Service

    • SBC Can also do the off-site wiping at $3 per drive 
    • SBC can also reload the operating system for an additional fee
    • Itemized Inventory of all equipment with the following attributes
    • Manufacturer;
    • Model;
    • Material Classification (PC, Monitor, Printer, etc.);
    • Serial Number; and company Asset Tag (if present). 

    Recycling FAQ

    Q – Should I remove the batteries from Laptops? A – No, it is better to leave the batteries attached to the Laptop.Q – Should I remove the hard drive from the Laptops? A – No, it is better to leave the hard drives in the laptopsQ – Do you offer a certificate of recycling? A – Yes, we do offer a certificate of recycling. It is important that you keep this certificate on file as it acts as evidence that your recyclable materials were processed in an environmentally responsible way, in full compliance with all state and federal regulations governing the handling and disposal of such materials.

    *Note 1: Shredding Phones and Laptops releases toxic materials. When electronic devices are shredded, they release harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium into the environment, which can contaminate soil and water and pose a risk to wildlife and human health. Additionally, shredded electronic devices can also contribute to the depletion of finite resources such as rare minerals used in electronics. It’s important to properly recycle electronics in order to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste.

    **Note 2: All products that are gifted or disposed of through recycling become the rightful property of SBC Recycle.

    ***Note 3: It is important to disconnect a device from its online or cloud accounts and remove any bios passwords before donation or recycling to protect the privacy of the previous owner and to ensure that the device can be effectively wiped and reset for re-use.

    ****Note 4: If the device is still connected to an online account, the recipient may need to request that the original owner remove it from all online accounts, which can result in additional steps and potentially higher costs in the recycling process.